Client Testimonials

Since working with Ryan McCrea and FitGolf, I have seen drastic changes and improvements throughout many aspects of my golf game. By utilizing the techniques FitGolf has created, Ryan has presented me with a specific plan that has added more flexibility, strength, and balance to my golf swing. My body is able to accomplish physical movements to help me achieve desired ball flight patterns and results. These physical changes have transcended into the mental side of the game as well. Golf is just as much a physical game as it is a mental game. What I have found is, as I get stronger, my stamina increases, and fatigue does not set in, allowing me to have the best focus possible for each shot.

After testing clubhead and ball speeds on Trackman, I have statistically seen improvements to back up the work Ryan and I have completed in FitGolf training. Before starting the program, my average clubhead speed fluctuated around 110 mph, resulting in ball speeds of 164 mph on centered strikes. After going through 10 weeks of workouts and speed training, I have increased clubhead speed to 120 mph, which has created ball speeds up to 175 mph, resulting in what everybody is looking for… more distance! As long as you can hit some fairways, the game becomes a lot easier with shorter irons and wedges in your hands more often.

I highly recommend anyone, of any level, who wants to improve their golf game, to utilize Ryan McCrea and FitGolf. The professionalism and knowledge that Ryan brings to each session is invaluable, and if you seriously want to play better golf, developing a personalized workout program is well worth your time and effort. Thank you to Ryan for taking my game to a new level, and I look forward to continued improvement and achieving greater success in the future.

PGA, Assistant Golf Professional (Kiawah Island Club River Course)

The program works! Period! I suffered with back pain during and after every round of golf. Within 3 weeks, my flexibility and posture were vastly improved. The exercises were designed to strengthen my core muscles that helped produce a more stable swing. I don’t worry about taking a full swing anymore. Within no time, I was hitting an added 25 yards to my drives. Kudos to Ryan for getting me back to the game I love!
FitGolf Client (Greensboro, NC)

I could not be happier with the results I’ve seen in my time working with Ryan. My mobility and flexibility have drastically improved, and as a result, my swing is better than ever. He’s removed physical restrictions that prevented me from making needed changes to my swing. In the past, I’ve experienced lower back pain from playing and that’s been completely eliminated. The program is easy to fit into your schedule and can be done without having to visit a gym. I would recommend FitGolf to anyone who wants to make a real change to their golf game. 
FitGolf Client (Clayton, NC)

My 12 weeks working with Ryan on the FitGolf program yielded great results beyond my expectations. The evaluation to determine what areas needed work were the right focus for my personalized program. The progressive and building exercises each week helped me regain mobility, flexibility, and strengthen my weak areas. Ryan worked with me closely throughout the process and I feel and notice improvements in all the areas we focused on. I especially liked the personalized program and how he was able to connect it to how it would improve my golf swing and game! I hardily recommend the FitGolf program and Ryan as a Golf Performance Specialist.

FitGolf Client (Charleston, SC)